Countertops are a core design element wherever they’re present—from bathrooms and kitchens to garages and laundry areas. More than just a space to work on, countertops are a versatile installation that demands attention when the time comes to upgrade or remodel your space. We make sure you have the material options and the color selection to bring beautiful countertops into any space—flawlessly.

Our countertop installation experts use laser-measured templates for precision fit countertops, to reduce seams and give your space a beautiful, lasting look. As part of a larger remodel, we work with you to make sure the color and material mesh perfectly with the greater aesthetic you’re going for, and that your new countertops fit within your budget. If you’re just replacing countertops, we carefully schedule service to ensure you’re not left without countertops for multiple days. In either case, expect strong, beautiful, durable countertop installations that bring new life and personality to your space.


There are many different types of countertops, each with its own benefits. Some countertops are made from natural materials, such as stone or wood, while others are made from synthetic materials, such as plastic or ceramic. Some countertops are easy to clean, while others require special cleaning techniques. It’s important to choose the right countertop for your needs, based on your budget and preferences. We can help whether you need to open up your kitchen requiring removal of walls, completely changing your layout, or just repainting your cabinets to give it a fresh look. We have laser-measured templates for precision fit countertops reducing use of seams giving you a beautiful look that will last. However, If you’re JUST replacing countertops, we make sure to carefully schedule to ensure you’re not left without countertops for multiple days.