Whether you’re choosing to remodel your entire bathroom or want to make a much-needed tub-to-shower conversion, choose our experts for your next shower transformation! We specialize in custom showers and take pride in building out stunning bathroom focal features that are as versatile and accessible as they are beautiful. We promise you’ll appreciate our unique and appealing shower concepts every time you step into them.

Quality is the cornerstone of every shower build we tackle. We use Schluter waterproofing systems and setting materials to ensure a lifetime waterproof guarantee that protects your custom shower for decades to come. For glass shower installations, we rely on Enduroshield, Invisible Shield or equivalent glass protectant to keep your glass looking clean and new for years to come. And, for those who want accessibility without compromising style, we offer customized zero-threshold showers for roll-in access. No matter the shower, expect perfection from top to bottom, inside or out.


While bathrooms don’t always get the respect they deserve, bathrooms are often considered the most personal space in the home and sometimes have more financial investment than most other areas, including the toys in the garage. Customized showers are our specialty, as we are sure you will notice in these pictures of the fabulous projects we have completed. One of the best features we offer is the Schluter waterproofing system plus Schluter setting materials, lifetime waterproof guarantee! You also have the option to include an enduroshield, invisible shield, or equivalent glass protectant to make your bathroom well-preserved. Whether you’re replacing the existing shower to give a facelift or wanting to think ahead by installing a zero-threshold shower for roll-in access — it will be custom-built to fit your style and needs.  If you don’t see what you are looking for in these pictures, just ask for it. Your bathroom should be just that, “your bathroom.”